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                    Scholarships 2021 - Awards

The 2021 Applications were reviewed and scholarships awarded

for the 2021/22 academic year.

 We are wishing all students many successes

in pursuing their educational dreams.

Awards 2021

Awards 2020

Because She Wanted to Make Impact...

The family of Monika Skrzypkowski wishes to honor their daughter, Monika, by presenting two $1,000.00 awards to a deserving students going on to a higher education.


This student must demonstrate the understanding that this award has been created because someone made the bad decision to drink and drive and take a life in doing so. This understanding must be part of their essay. 

Monika was a sophomore at John Hersey High School and Emilia Plater Polish School. She was a member of “Polanie” Song & Dance Ensemble, “Male Wici” Dance Ensemble and a member of Polish National Alliance. She was a loving daughter, trust worthy friend and she believed in God. She had a lot of living to do. Sadly, a drunk driver took her life on December 6, 2008 in Prospect Heights, IL. She was 15 years old.

In Her memory we are proud to present:


        Award of $1,000.00 to a John Hersey High School graduate.

2.    MONIKA SKRZYPKOWSKI HERITAGE SCHOLARSHIP                                                                            Award of $1,000.00 to a student of Polish decent of any high school and the student                 must be involved in Polish School or cultural activities of Polish artistic groups or other             Polish educational entities which give back to the community and demonstrate the pride         in Polish Heritage by their actions in those activities. 

The requirements are as follows:
•    The student must be attending a 4 year university, or a two year junior college, trade school or technology program, with the goal of obtaining a bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree, or certification.  (Please include the name of the university, junior college, trade school or technical school/ program that you hope to be accepted to.  If you have not decided yet, please include your possibilities.)

•    The student should be a person who has made the choice to abstain from alcohol or drugs during their years at high school. They must show that good judgment during these difficult times has its reward. The student should be a role model who can show others that they believe in living life to the fullest without the aid of alcohol or drugs.

•    The student must submit a written essay on the topic chosen on the application.   

The $1,000.00 Scholarship Award will be paid directly to the university. One payment for $500.00 will be paid in the first semester and the second installment for $500.00 will be paid the second semester during the same school year.

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