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Monika Skrzypkowski Memorial Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational and charitable organization

created in memory of Monika, a young girl who lost her life to a drunk driver at he age of fifteen, 

and dedicated to several community oriented purposes; to inspire, teach, provide touching deeds  to those hurting

due to loss of another, enrich, and give funds for education in the form of scholarships to students.







Is to honor Monika's life

through giving to others, 

to help young people achieve their potential by providing funds for their education

and at the same time continually teach

and remind all, of negative and life altering consequences of poor choices such as drunk, drugged and distracted driving

by artistic presentations 

connecting  hearts

through the arts. 

The inspiration and teaching is provided through artistic and emotional presentations of programs which instill the need for prevention, empathy, making positive choices and learning about the deadly consequences of drunk, drugged or intoxicated in any other way and distracted driving.

By sharing of Monika story and stories of others, who had been victims of crime or illness we hope to provide relief to those suffering from loss and serve as a good deeds. Organizing and presenting such programs of the high artistic standard is also meant to enrich local community through quality performances and send the message against negative behaviors, which will speak to their hearts and impact their minds.

 For those who are going into the higher education the Monika Skrzypkowski Memorial Scholarship Fund will provide funds in the form of scholarships.  To maximize our impact on current efforts, we may seek to collaborate with other non-profit organizations  operating for educational and charitable purposes.

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