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When I die I want to be remembered for my...goodness...

           My name is Monika Skrzypkowski. I do not have a middle name because my parents think it is un-needed. My name is Polish. I speak fluent Polish and I go to Polish School every Saturday, because I have opportunity to get extra credit points for college.

           Starting way back from fifth grade when I and my friends favored diaries, I vowed to write in them everyday. I always thought that every school day was the same, but for everyday there are different thoughts. Thoughts that deserve to be remembered and feelings deserve to be expressed. Everyone has different ways of expressing their feelings, and for me that’s writing. And I’ll keep on writing throughout high school, life goes on. And when I first walk in as a freshman, a whole new journal will open up, filled with clean white pages. Don’t you just love that new book smell?

           I like to have fun and I am very friendly. No matter who I’m paired with, I’ll always try to be nice, respectful, trustworthy person that everyone will remember. I put my own problems aside, because I am here to help others. I love to see people laugh.

           I love to dance, draw and make people laugh. My sense of rhythm is excellent and if I were to be superstar I’d call myself AJ.

           I expect myself to live to age of 75, but if I were to die tonight I would not be able to experience graduating college, getting a license, being able to vote, bungee jumping, getting married, getting a tattoo, having a kid, getting my own place, living on my own, getting a job.

          Death threatens me because it may separate me from my loved ones and it is unknown. My greatest fear is death of someone I love. If someone I love were dying I would want to die, too. If I found out I were going to die soon I would try to accomplish everything in remaining time and I would turn to God. The idea of death makes me feel afraid, sick, confused and uncomfortable. To me, death is the least threatening if I had time to prepare. One thing that I would want to tell my mother, my father and my siblings before I die is: I LOVE YOU!

               When I die I want to be remembered for my GOODNESS.

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